Dyson DC08


The Dyson DC08 has a Mini turbine head.  The mini turbine head has been designed by Dyson and is ideal for removing pet hair and fibres from confined spaces such as upholstery, stairs and the car. The turbine head gives better pick-up across all floor types with no need to change tools. The brushbar can be turned off for rugs and delicate surfaces.

The Dyson DC08 incorporates the Root Cyclone Technology. A Dyson cyclone spins air at high speed. The means that dirt and dust are thrown out of the airflow and collected in the bin, not on filters or in bags. So unlike other machines, the Dyson DC08 doesn't clog and lose suction, so it picks up more dirt.

The Dyson DC08 has a Telescope wrap.  The wraping system allows for easy carrying and storage for the user. The Dyson DC08 has HEPA + Bactisafe,  a lifetime HEPA filter and bacteria - killing screen.


The contact head articulates responsively at the neck to maintain closest contact with all floor surfaces even as you pull backwards, so it picks up more dirt than conventional floor tools. The model houses a unique hose wrap for easy storage. The DC08 Animal Telescope Wrap models have been approved by the British Allergy Foundation for allergy sufferers. The pre-motor filter removes particles down to 0.1 micron and is washable. The post-motor filter traps harmful carbon emissions from the motor. This filter never needs replacing and so there are no ongoing running costs.

The Dyson DC 08 Telescope Wrap is designed to sit on each step as you clean. So it sits comfortably on stairs making it easier for the user to clean. It has a removable tool holster.  You can store the tool holster on the machine or on the hose so that the stair, crevice and brush tools are always to hand. For easier cleaning in confined areas the tools can be fitted directly to the end of the wand or the hose. This makes it easier for any car and upholstery cleaning the user may wish to do.

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Telescope Wrap - the full size cylinder that shrinks after use. Powerful all-round pet hair removal. Features: Animal Turbo Tool - for effective pet hair pickup from stairs; upholstery and car.

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